COVID-19 health declaration
I declare that all passengers in my booking shall meet the general requirements set under the Covid-19 health declaration.

IMPORTANT: Visa & COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you comply with all applicable COVID-19 travel restrictions, visa requirements and any other requirements for your travel from the point of departure to the final destination as well as all transit points in between.

We will not be liable for your refusal of entry into any flight, transit point or destination and/or any other incidents, loss, fine, penalties or damages (including direct and/or consequential loss and damage) which result from your failure to comply with such restrictions and/or requirements (set by any government authority, airline and/or applicable commercial party).

I acknowledge that I may be refused from boarding the flight if I (or anyone travelling with me) experience one or more of the following circumstances prior to flight departure:

    A positive Covid-19 result
    Contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or is suspected of having Covid-19
    Any Covid-19 symptoms (fever, coughing, sore throat, runny nose, or any other known symptoms)

I acknowledge that I am solely responsible to fulfil the latest requirements set by the authorities for the origin, transit and destination points of my journey. This may include:

    A vaccination certificate
    A Covid-19 test result
    Other travel requirements and/or documentation set by the airline or relevant authorities

Any cancellation or rescheduling shall be subject to our booking terms and conditions and the applicable airline’s booking terms and conditions, cancellation policy and/or rescheduling policy.

Whenever booking any travel, please consider:

Have I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of travel and the package holiday regulations?
Have you checked the FCDO advice for your holiday destination?
Do you have the relevant travel insurance to cover FCDO advice changes?
Please keep checking the FCDO advice for entry requirements for your destination as they can change between booking and travelling. We recommend that you register for the government travel advice email alerts on your chosen country for the latest information. We’d also encourage you to keep up to date with the steps that you’ll need to follow on return to the UK.

Essential Experiences will do everything within our control to assist you, however, we cannot take over our traveller's responsiblity to read and understand booking terms, or seek out the latest travel advice

C19 Health Declaration